12 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Job


It happens. You get hired for a role that you’re excited about, at a company you’ve heard great things about, but after a few years you seem to be losing steam.

Perhaps there have been specific reasons for your dwindling interest in your job, perhaps not.

Maybe you’re hanging on to a sense of loyalty to the company or a boss. But should you be? How do you know when it’s time to move on? Here are 12 signs that it’s time for you to put yourself back out there when it comes to the job market:

  1. You didn’t get that promotion you were a shoe-in for. If this is the case, ask for feedback about how you can develop yourself more for future opportunities.
  2. You’re stressed about work when you’re not even there.
  3. You’re bored and lacking new challenges. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for your employer to offer you opportunities to grow, you can up-skill yourself today!
  4. Stress levels while in the office are almost unmanageable.
  5. The office is full of negativity. Bosses, co-workers, customers.
  6. You spend a lot of your free time in the car, on the bus, etc just to get to and from work.
  7. Growth opportunities are very limited.
  8. You rarely get the chance to invest in yourself due to poor compensation.
  9. The schedule is too rigid for your current lifestyle.
  10. You don’t believe in the company.
  11. You spend most days watching the clock.
  12. In-house mentors are difficult to find.

If any of these hit too close to home, perhaps it’s time to move on. We’re not suggesting you quit today, but it might not be a bad idea to start making a plan for yourself!

Great news, we’ve got many opportunities waiting for you!