6 Essentials of an Effective Job Description


When hiring new staff, every employer and manager is on the hunt for the best possible fit for their team. In an effort to achieve this perfect-placement goal, one of the first steps is to create a job description that is clear, descriptive and highlights more than just professional experience. Here are 6 things to always include in every job description that will help you attract the right candidate:

  1. Job title – Of course, right?! But, when you’re selecting the title, be sure that it is clear, and truly speaks to the importance of the role (don’t try to over-sell.) Also, be sure it uses keywords that can be easily found when searched.
  2. About Us – Share a little bit of information about your organization with the reader. Include your location, and perhaps your team size as well as any employer-related awards that you may have received. If you have space and desire, consider sharing your mission statement to further attract those who are (or want to be) in alignment with your vision.
  3. Duties – What functions will be required of the successful candidate? Is training provided? Be sure to go into detail here. If travel is required, note this here.
  4. Required Skills – Are you looking for motivated self-starters for a work from home position, or do you need a team player who works well with others. Consider the work environment, and your management style and create a list of skills that would best suit the company.
  5. Compensation – There are many ways to handle this section, but it should never be ignored altogether. Make note if the salary being offered is market-competitive (if it is,) or provide a salary range if experience is a factor. If there are other benefits or perks to the job, like a vehicle for example, list these as well.
  6. Contact – make it easy for the candidate to apply by providing all available and relevant contact information.

With these pointers, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect new employee. Are there other essentials you think should be included here? Tell us about them!