Boost Your Job Search With Social Media


There have been a lot of warnings, horror stories and assumptions made about social media as it relates to the job search. Most of us have heard the tale of a friend of a friend who was selected for a job interview, only to have the potential employer discover some unsavory photos, or unusual opinions and meme shares on Facebook resulting in the discontinued pursuit of that candidate.

While the moral of these stories sometimes suggest not posting too much information about yourself online, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunities that you could create for yourself using social platforms.

Here are 10 ways you can use social media thoughtfully to help boost your job hunt:

  1. Clean it up – Review all of your profiles and images. Look at everything from the perspective of a potential future employer and remove any posts/photos that are potentially questionable.
  2. Use your real name – and If you have a Twitter or Instagram handle that can be perceived as inappropriate consider a change.
  3. Use a thoughtful image – if you really don’t want to use your face (generally not recommended) as a profile picture, select something that speaks to who you are.
  4. Check your privacy settings – your Facebook account, for example, should be private, but there are pieces of information, or even specific posts, that you can share.
  5. Connect with the companies that you love, or are most interested in – follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and share their content if it speaks to you.
  6. On LinkedIn, connect with the staff of the companies you love and may want to work for, not just the hiring managers and CEO’s.
  7. Share industry related content for the job you want – not only will you be in the know about industry-specific topics, but you might get a follow back, or engagement from an interested employer. Don’t forget your Hashtags when relevant!
  8. Search for available positions – many companies post their vacant employment positions on social media, so be sure to include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when searching the job boards.
  9. Reach out, engage and network. Consider joining groups that can help you become better known in your area or field. And never underestimate the power of a personal direct message.
  10. Offline, include handles on CV’s – when you’ve reviewed your social profiles, add them to your CV to make the search easier on your potential employer.