Temporary Recruitment
Talentworks Temp Agency Services
for Industrial Contractors

Talentworks offers temp agency services to help place industrial contractors in a wide range of industry sector jobs in Eastern and Atlantic Canada.

Looking for a reliable temporary industrial contractor to keep your operation running smoothly? Choose the partner trusted by Canadian businesses for more than 15 years.

By incorporating a continuous recruitment process and utilizing the most progressive recruitment methods on the market, we maintain a diverse and robust pool of candidates for our clients’ demanding labour challenges.

Temporary Industrial Staffing can help you during peak periods, vacations, leaves of absence or unexpected vacancies. It can also reduce your hiring and WCB risks and help you manage labour costs.

We can help you identify talent like: warehouse personnel, tradespeople, material handlers, cleaners, banquet servers, forklift operators, drivers, production workers, construction workers, general labourers, and more.

Industrial staffing has never been this simple. We’ll connect you with the local talent you need to get your job done right.

Positions we assist with include:

Warehouse Personnel
Material Handlers
Banquet Servers
Forklift Operators
Production Workers
Construction Workers
General Labourers
Sanitation Personnel
Banquet Servers
Forklift Operators
Automotive Production Assemblers
Construction Workers
General Laborers
Traffic Controllers
Quality Control Technicians

“It did not take us long to realize we needed help staffing a large project away from our home base of Ontario. Talentworks was the best partner we could have chosen for our construction staffing needs. They worked with us every step of the way to ensure our success.”

Marie Pepin
Corporate Human Resources & Compliance