Recruitment Consultation

Recruitment is what we do.

Recruitment Consultation

Most employees are hired through a company’s internal hiring process, however, some companies do not have the time to develop a proper sourcing strategy. As a result, costly hiring mistakes are frequently made.

Talentworks will help your organization develop a powerful recruitment process. Our recruitment specialists provide workshops and one on one consultation with hiring managers to optimize our client’s recruitment function.

Recruitment is what we do. We stay up to date with current trends and methodologies. Let us share our expertise with you.

Areas of Consultation:

Assess Client Recruitment Strategy
Design Custom Recruitment Process
Build Sourcing Strategy
Build Referral Network
Pipeline Management
Social Recruitment Consultation
Active vs. Passive Candidates
Passive Candidate Search Strategy
Bolean Basics
Employer Branding Strategy
Interview Techniques
Screening Strategy
Dealing with Competing Interviews
Handling Competing Offers
Salary Negotiation