Recruitment Outsourcing

We manage your recruitment so you can manage your business.

Recruitment Outsourcing

Recruitment Outsourcing is a unique offering that allows our clients to outsource part or all of their recruitment function on an as needed basis. Our client’s receive the advantage of having the resources of an established recruitment firm at their fingertips.

Businesses that do not have the capacity or the need to invest in a recruitment department, know they can rely on Talentwork’s vast experience to assist as required. Larger organizations find it beneficial during times of peak hiring to utilize an experienced recruitment firm to help reduce time to hire.

Our outsourcing service is flexible and designed to meet our individual client’s demands. We are here and ready to help keep your recruitment on track.

Areas we can help:

Needs Assessment
Job Ad Creation
Candidate Identification & Attraction
Candidate Screening & Interviewing
Testing & Assessments
Market Research and Offer Analysis
Negotiate and Extend Offers
Background and Reference Checks
Enroll Candidate