Take Initiative! Upskill Yourself With These Online Options


The idea of “upskilling” has gained quite a bit of traction in recent years and considering that it can play a crucial role in enhancing the function of performance within an organization, it’s no wonder we are hearing about it more often. Upskilling is defined, quite simply, as teaching employees (or yourself) new skills in an effort to expand knowledge and capability. Obviously, this has many benefits when it comes to applying for future advanced positions as well.

Fortunately, there is no lack of opportunity and availability when it comes to upskilling, and you don’t have to be held back if your employer isn’t interested in supporting your growth. While many traditional options are available, such as post-secondary enrollment, and local workshops, there is also an abundance of detailed and specific courses available online.

Here are 5 online training platforms that will help get you started on your upskilling adventure (on your time, in your home) today:

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is regarded as an ideal online tool to establish connections with your employers or potential employers and colleagues online. However, LinkedIn has extended its core by introducing LinkedIn Learning to teach the art of career-oriented modules to its members. These courses offered by LinkedIn Learning prove beneficial in improving your general productivity, and they also concentrate on time management, and how to tackle your to-do list efficiently. LinkedIn Learning also offers courses that gravitate towards career-oriented skills such as developing strategies, executing plans, and preparing social media marketing tactics to appeal to a target audience.


With more than 6,213 available courses, Lynda.com is a highly regarded professional development site that is also an initiative of LinkedIn. With your membership, you have the ability to plan your trajectory and save your desired courses in a playlist. The range of courses offered is great and can be easy to digest or very technical in nature. From Brainstorming to Advanced Google Adwords you’ll find what you need to get to the next level here.


OpenLearn was launched and introduced by The Open University with the objective of providing accessible and free education to everyone. OpenLearn offers a comprehensive range of courses to its users, covering 8 different topics with a variety of teaching methods, including articles, videos, audio and ebook to name a few.


Udemy is acknowledged as a universal platform connecting students and expert instructors.  Udemy offers a wide range of courses that surpasses a collection of 55,000 online courses on its websites. A majority of these courses are focused on development, personal development, technical skills, and academics. Not interested in paying one monthly/annual rate for ALL of the programs offered? No problem, you can purchase specific courses that interest you, one at a time.

General Assembly

Are you on a hunt for an online class that is concentrated on improving your social media skills or, the classes that help you become acquainted with data analytics? General Assembly is your one-stop solution to learn anything you require you upskill your digital and technical knowledge. General Assembly offers part-time and full-time courses, and even hosts events focused on higher education.


Check each of these out today and let us know which is your favourite.

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