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Maintenance Personnel

Maintenance Personnel

Posted: Moncton, NB

Talentworks has partnered with a well established client in the Moncton area who are actively seeking a Maintenance Personnel to join their Team! 

This position involves duties including tenant relations, maintenance and repair, security, janitorial services, landscaping, snow removal, garbage collection, etc. Maintenance Personnel are responsible for carrying out the daily scheduled duty tasks as well as any unscheduled jobs that may come up, in a safe and environmental sound manner keeping in mind management’s goals and objectives. 


  • Mantra: “If it’s loose, tighten it. If it squeaks, oil it. If it’s worn, replace it.”
  • Comply with Covid-19 Pandemic protocols currently in place.
  • Comply with appropriate and applicable policy and procedures.
  • Properly operate company vehicles, equipment and assets with care and attention.
  • Properly use personal safety gear and equipment when required and as necessary.
  • Provide excellent tenant service. Ensure all assigned tenant requests/problems are responded to in a timely and courteous manner.
  • Report and/or repair any deficiencies found within property.
  • Inform management of all emergency situations promptly.
  • Maintain effective relationships with fellow associates, suppliers, vendors, and others serving the company or properties.
  • Minor carpentry, plumbing and electrical tasks.
  • All Maintenance personnel are required to participate in a rotating after hours on call schedule. This will include evenings and weekends for the duration of that rotation. Personnel on call will also be the contact for alarms etc. Proper documentation is required of all services rendered after hours and paper work is to be submitted to the office in a timely manner.


  • Twice daily sanitize all common areas’ frequently touched surfaces
  • Check hand sanitizer stations – clean and restock as needed
  • Empty exterior garbage
  • Patrol exterior for large debris in parking lots, along curbs and grassed areas
  • Sweep around all entrances, garage doors, smoke huts and seating areas
  • Patrol along exterior walls of building and along pathways for weeds
  • Sidewalk/doorways snow clearing and de-icing as needed
  • Clean all entrance glass as required
  • Monitor and care for exterior hanging plant baskets and flower beds
  • Patrol parking lots for violators; ticket as necessary
  • Respond to all tenant request promptly ensuring all billable hours are tracked and reported. Close related work orders as required
  • Patrol common areas throughout building. Inspect for damaged or stained ceiling tiles, chips or stains on paint, burnt out lights, frayed carpet, loose floor tiles, etc. Repair and paint as needed
  • Verify camera system is operational and lobby monitors are displaying properly.


  • Monitor and care for interior planters including dust removal and plant shine application
  • Check exterior lights and adjust timers as seasons progress
  • Clean all 1st floor exterior glass
  • Check roof drains and clean debris. In winter shovel around them as necessary
  • Check and lubricate sump pumps to ensure proper operation
  • Check all washrooms for leaky faucets, loose handles or toilet seats. verify exhaust fans are operational and all paper/soap dispensers are functional and in good cosmetic condition
  • Check exterior of building for burnt lights, loose flashing, trip hazards, general cosmetic defects signage in good condition etc. Communicate all deficiencies through tenant services to ensure the appropriate paperwork is generated. Communicate the completion of those work orders through tenant services
  • Check vacant spaces for issues and proceed to fix any issues found
  • Check rodent/insect traps – reset, replace as needed
  • Check server rooms to verify HVAC operational


  • Conduct mechanical room, fire extinguisher and emergency light inspections monthly and hand in reports to Supervisor
  • Monitor and clean as required all light fixtures in lobby/common area beyond 8’
  • Paint traffic area in basement floors or exit thresholds where paint is damaged or fatigued


  • Replace HVAC filters throughout property
  • Clean HVAC coils as required
  • Clean drip pans as required, ensure drains flow properly
  • Lubricate fan shaft bearings
  • Replace fan belts as required


  • Coordinate with contractors including pest control, HVAC, construction (Monitor to ensure all work performed is done safely, in a timely manner, and workspaces are clean before contractors leave)
  • Minor interior painting including common area touch ups, exterior entrance thresholds, mechanical and electrical rooms, garage and basement floors
  • Minor exterior painting including thresholds, trim along doors, picnic tables, grey base at entrances to garage doors and along walls
  • Ensure we coordinate schedules to try and minimize contractor invoices
  • Minor electrical including replace broken or fatigued plug receptacles, light switches etc
  • Minor plumbing including replacing seals, vacuum breakers, flanges etc (no hot work)
  • Coordinate with Supervisor to get assistance for anything that is falling behind or may require immediate attention. Some work may require early morning or evening attention to accommodate our tenants work schedules. (*tenants require 24 hrs notice of any scheduled work taking place in their space)
  • Replace stained and damaged ceiling tiles as required 

If this sounds like an opportunity you are interested in, apply today!

Talentworks appreciates all applicants, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


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